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Lawson-West’s expert employment solicitors and lawyers have significant experience with supporting clients who disclose the wrongdoing/s within their employment to their employer or a relevant organisation known as whistleblowing.

In order for a disclosure to qualify for protection, you must have a genuine reasonable belief that a wrongdoing has taken place, is likely to occur, and that it is not in the public interest. It is not necessary for the wrongdoing to have actually occurred at the time of the disclosure.  In order for a disclosure to qualify it must related to one of the following:

  • a criminal offence

  • a breach of legal obligation

  • a miscarriage of justice

  • a danger to health and safety of an individual

  • damage to the environment or related to a deliberate attempt to conceal any of these matters

  • that information relating to any of the above has been or is likely to be deliberately concealed

If you wish to commence a whistleblowing there are certain elements you must consider in order to obtain legal protection.  You may want to consider if the employer has a whistleblowing policy and if so ensure that this is followed.  You need to ensure that the disclosure is made to the relevant persons within the company and/or to the relevant prescribed person which may be a regulatory authority.   

If you blow the whistle, you have protection from being unfairly dismissed if the dismissal was as a result of whistleblowing.  In order to make a claim, there is no qualifying period of employment required. 

Examples of possible whistleblowing could be:

  • Making complaints of over weighted vehicles

  • Working without the correct PPE equipment and clothing

  • Being asked to work over the working time regulations 

Examples of possible detriments could be:

  • Being isolated

  • Suffering disciplinary sanctions

  • Demoted

  • Spoken to inappropriately

If you want to know more about whistleblowing policy, we can help. Please remember there are strict time limits in Employment claims and you should take good free legal advice as soon as possible.

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