Employment Law Solicitors Leicester, Market Harborough And Uk Frequently Asked Questions

I am not being paid minimum wage, what can I do?

There are strict guidelines for an employer when looking at the correct minimum wages that an employee can be paid.  Current minimums are:


25 and over

21 to 24

18 to 20

Under 18








If you believe that your employer is failing in their obligations, please contact us to discuss further. 

I have been working for my employer for over four months and have not been provided with an employment contract.

It is unlawful for an employer not to provide terms of your employment within 8 weeks of your employment commencing.  In circumstances where the employer fails in their obligation, you may be awarded up to four weeks wages by way of compensation. 

I have ‘blown the whistle’ at work and am now receiving hostilities and the threat of dismissal, is this correct?

If you have expressed to your employer or a prescribed person (regulating body) regarding misconduct or unsafe practices at work, and suffering a detriment as a result, you may be able to present claims to the employment tribunal relating to detriment following whistle blowing.  If you have been faced with this type of situation or similar, please contact our team to discuss further. 

My employer has asked me to carry out unsafe practices at work, what do I do?

If you are an employee or worker being asked to carry out unsafe practices, this may be against employment law regulations and by doing so you could also be accepting that the conduct is correct.  If you feel the requests are unacceptable or unlawful, you must report the incident to the relevant whistle blowing person nominated within your company and/or prescribed person i.e. the regulating body. 

My employer has taken money from my wages without my consent, what can I do?

If your employer has failed to pay you, or paid you less than you are entitled to within your contract of employment, you may have a claim for an unlawful deduction from your wages. The deduction will be unlawful if any of the following applies, it is not required or authorised by legislation; it was not authorised in your contract of employment; it was not consented to by yourself in writing before it was taken.