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Sejal Patel Joao
Sejal Patel, Senior Associate Solicitor
Employment Team, Lawson-West Solicitors, Leicester
Joao Madeira, Paralegal
Employment Team, Lawson-West Solicitors, Leicester

A Leicester employment client:

  • "I would just like to add my thanks to Sejal and Joao for their help and support throughout the matter, I’ve engaged with the law in a couple of ways over my professional career due to the nature of my work; however, this was my first time being a directly involved party with all the stresses and anxieties - you both were a great support and I can only express gratitude for taking the time to listen to my story and believing in me back in June."

  • Was there one thing that made our service special and stand out?

    "Thorough and well articulated explanations regarding the appeal process, ‘negotiation’, ACAS early conciliation, and the lead up to the tribunal itself."


A Leicester employment client, for Sejal Patel and Joao Madeira

Phoebe Skarlatos

Phoebe Skarlatos, Head of Probate, Trusts and Wills department
Lawson-West Solicitors, Leicester

What stood out and made our service special? 

"Phoebe made a home visit to us as my Dad was terminally ill and Mum needed to be with him. Phoebe was an absolute pleasure to deal with and I would definitely recommend her to family and friends."

Wills and Probate Client of Leicester office, for Phoebe Skarlatos

Sophie Forsyth

Sophie Forsyth, Associate Solicitor, Probate, Trusts and Wills Team, Lawson West Solicitors, Leicester

What stood out and made our service special for you?   

Excellent, Efficient Customer Service

"The clear way Sophie responded to our questions and made sure we understood the questions."

"We would like to thank Sophie for her friendly and efficient manner in dealing with our wills. The quality of service was excellent."

Trust Pilot 5*star review for Sophie Forsyth

Sejal Patel

Sejal Patel, Associate Solicitor, Employment
Lawson-West Solicitors, Leicester

"I am fortunate to have approached Lawson-West with my employment matter. Clearly defined boundaries are necessary to take action - but it is easy to loose a sense of self in a troubling workplace environment. 

In my unique situation, I knew that I needed professional help. From the first moment I felt respected and listened to - which helped me grasp my situation rationally. I was advised on my own rights - which helped me build up my sense of self. To further pursue my matters, I was provided with a clear list of avenues that I could take, along with respectfully presented responsibilities. 

With the help of the team, I was able to create the space necessary for satisfactory resolution. The experience of upmost professionalism and clear communication is one that I would highly recommend. I am grateful for the chance to work with the firm."

Client B.B., Leicester office for Sejal Patel

Phoebe Skarlatos

Phoebe Skarlatos, Head of Probate, Trusts and Wills department
Lawson-West Solicitors, Leicester

"Phoebe was outstanding in her service and kindness, respect and care shown. Phoebe was a fantastic asset throughout and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She was hugely empathic and thorough throughout the process and understood my needs well."

Rahi Popat, client, Leicester office for Phoebe Skarlatos



Catherine Wright, Conveyancing Solicitor

Anna Krenkova Lawson West Conveyancing Market Harborough

Anna Krenkova, Conveyancing Assistant
Market Harborough

"Catherine and Anna have been so fantastic with the sale of our rental house. It's all completed. Without their help, I don't think that we'd have got this through before the tax year was done. We have a second property with a sale agreed and Lawson West is going to be my first port of call to help with that too."

M.M. Leicester, client Commercial Property

"Thank you Judith and all at Lawson-West for your continued support and guidance, we are delighted with the outcome."

Dispute Resolution Client

Dispute Resolution Client

"Excellent service from beginning to end! Ashley has been so helpful from my initial call right through to completion. Very knowledgable, professional and always on hand to respond to emails and calls without delay whilst offering me invaluable advice and guidance."

5 star review for Ashley Hunt from Employment Law client

Alistair Dobson

Alistair Dobson, Associate Solicitor, Family Law
Lawson West Solicitors in Market Harborough:

What made our service special?
"You were patient with explanations of legal procedures for me."  "The final outcome of my divorce was all that I'd hoped for. Thank You."

and TrustPilot 5-star review*...

"Professionalism throughout with exceptional Attention to Detail. Understanding of my feelings and stressful emotions throughout my traumatic divorce. Re-writing my new Will - perfectly written & detailed. Experienced Secretarial work at all times. Polite and friendly Receptionists. My gratitude to all who have helped me along my journey showing care and respect along the way and achieved a brilliant outcome for me. Thank you just doesn't seem enough."

Mrs G, Market Harborough for Alistair Dobson, Family Law & Wills teams

Sejal Patel

Sejal Patel, Associate Solicitor, Employment Team, Lawson-West Solicitors, Leicester 

 "Splendid service from the start, excellent communication.
I would definitely recommend you to other people.
I am very grateful to all your staff."

Mr I., employment client, Leicester office, for Sejal Patel