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Family Mediation

The Mediation Process

Mediation for families is a confidential process.

A mediator is appointed as an impartial and neutral third party, facilitating the resolution of family and child care disputes in a setting which is non-adversarial and totally confidential. 

Both parties in the family dispute have to agree to the mediation approach where the mediator explores the matters of the dispute and the various options open to the parties to find resolution. The mediator sits in the room

The benefits of mediation for families are:

  • It is private and you can say what you really think

  • It encourages openness and honesty

  • You can set your own agenda and the meetings can be flexible to your needs

  • You can set the timescale for meetings and when they happen

  • It avoids going to court and can often shorten the whole process to find a resolution more quickly

  • Mediators are fair and impartial

  • You have more control of the process

  • The emotional impact on you personally can be less stressful

  • Mediation is child-focused

  • Can assist parents coming to voluntary agreements regarding children and the time they spend with each parent and other family members

  • Afterwards you feel you have had retained control of the process and you can move on with your life, in the knowledge that your views have been heard

Family Mediator - Emma Piff

Emma Piff

The Mediator at Lawson-West is Emma Piff.  Emma is a Family Solicitor and Collaborative Lawyer, who is also a Resolution-accredited specialist and Law Society Family Law Panel Member.

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To discuss the options open to you for Family mediation, please email who will be able to provide initial guidance about the process.

You can find out more about Resolution here.



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