Purchase of land for development

Purchase of land for development

Buying a piece of land suitable for development or a property needing renovation is a major investmentand wehave experienced property lawyers ready to ensure that, whatever you are buying, it is suitable for your purpose. Whatever your plans are (whether residential or commercial development) it is essential that you can legally develop or use the land in the way you wish.

We can help with:

  • negotiating a contract to buy

  • negotiating an option agreement

  • negotiating an overage agreement

  • negotiating a promotion agreement

  • checking the legal title for restrictions or rights

  • advising if there are any special considerations

  • negotiating planning agreements (such as section 106 agreements) with the council

  • carrying out searches to check for specific issues of concern to you

  • advising on the terms of any existing leases to which the property is subject

  • advising on different ownership