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Have you got an existing telecommunications mast on your land or have you been approached by an operator to install broadband equipment? We can help you with all the documentation to guide you through this complex process.

The revised Electronic Communications Code, now known as The Digital Economy Act, came into effect on the 28thDecember 2017, changes the rights under the Telecommunications Act 1984. 

Although the Code needed to be updated, landowners should be careful when allowing telecommunication operators to access their land when seeking written consent without execution of a lease or Code agreement.  The new regime allows greater powers to these operators which may prevent you from agreeing acceptable terms at a later date once they have entered your land to simply carry out surveys.

Subsisting leases will also be affected under the new Code and your rights may be affected in negotiations to renew the lease in relation to the assignment, sharing and upgrading of equipment and the new rent payable under the lease.