Wills And Probate Testimonials

Helpful and detailed explanations of how the law works.

Mrs E, Northamptonshire. July 2019.

A friendly, informative and professional approach.

Mrs O, Northamptonshire. July 2019.

Andrea was very helpful in all aspects of my business, everything was explained so clearly.

Mrs B, Wigston, Leicester. July 2019.

I found Christian Jenkins very presentable, friendly and easy to talk to, clear and precise in the consultation.

Mrs P, Wigston, Leicester. July 2019.

Christian is a very nice man, explained all parts of the Will.

Mrs H, Leicester. July 2019.

My solicitor Phoebe was extremely polite and patient, and listened attentively to my wishes.

Ms S, Oakham, Rutland. July 2019.

Phoebe was very patient with us and answered all our questions. Thank you.

Mr P & Miss B, Wigston, Leicester. June 2019.

The personal service that Phoebe provided, I cannot speak more highly of her.

Mrs B, Oadby, Leicester. June 2019.

Phoebe was very welcoming and friendly and explained everything, she made me feel very comfortable. Customer service is excellent and professional at all times.

Mr & Mrs B, Wigston, Leicester. June 2019.

Phoebe Tranter, charming lady and a real asset to Lawson-West.

Mr L, Wigston, Leicester. June 2019.

Polite and friendly staff.

Mr D, Market Harborough, Leicestershire. June 2019.

The warmth and friendly manner of Elizabeth.

Mr P, Market Harborough, Leicestershire. June 2019.

Christian was very friendly as well as very professional.

Miss S, Market Harborough, Leicestershire. June 2019.

Friendliness and supportive, everything was excellent and efficient.

Mr W, Leicester. June 2019

Andrea was very pleasant, understanding and very helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you for your kindness and patience with us all.

Mrs A, Leicester. May 2019

Friendly, approachable and re-assuring.

Mr N, Northamptonshire. May 2019

Elizabeth Brown had a personal touch which made the experience more comfortable, with clear explanations.

Mr & Mrs D, Market Harborough, Leicestershire. May 2019

We found staff and Mrs Brown pleasant and very helpful. There was a good atmosphere, relaxed but business like.

Mr & Mrs P, Northamptonshire. April 2019

Andrea Jones was very helpful and explained everything in great detail, so it could be clearly understood.

Mrs Y, China. April 2019

The person who dealt with our enquiry was wonderful, efficient and personable.

Mr & Mrs F, Leicester. April 2019

Very professional, friendly and great service.

Mr & Mrs C, Leicester. April 2019

Phoebe Tranter made me feel at ease.

Mrs S, Wigston, Leicester. April 2019

Approachable and using language and examples to help us to understand the options and recommendations.

Mr M, Northamptonshire. March 2019

We were very pleased with the way the legal terms were explained to us, in an understandable way.

Mr & Mrs R, , Leicester. March 2019

I know Andrea and I have complete faith in her, as she has acted for me before.

Mrs B, Lutterworth, Leicestershire. March 2019

Great service, easy to make or change appointments. Andrea was very easy to deal with and a pleasure to meet.

Mr & Mrs J, Leicestershire. March 2019

Very good and helpful, very happy with the service.

Mrs M, Wigston, Leicester. March 2019

Polite and very helpful, very easy and nice to deal with.

Miss B, Wigston, Leicester. March 2019

Time to discuss queries, thanks to Phoebe Tranter.

Miss A, Leicester. March 2019

Wonderful service from the very beginning and all the way through. Lovely people working for you.

Miss T, Northamptonshire. February 2019

Very good service and many thanks to Christian.

Mr W, Market Harborough, Leicestershire. February 2019

The friendly and patient way that every item was explained to us.

Mr & Mrs P, Wigston, Leicestershire. February 2019

Vicky Jones clarity, expertise and friendliness.

Mr L, Leicester. February 2019

I was looked after in a very friendly and professional way, thank you.

Mrs T, Leicester. February 2019

Andrea Jones was pleasant and helpful.

Mrs C, Wigston, Leicestershire. February 2019

I felt relaxed and unhurried and I was spoken to in a caring and kind manner, and an understanding way.

Mrs C, Oadby, Leicestershire. February 2019

Phoebe Tranter was very good, friendly and very efficient.

Mr & Mrs B, Wigston, Leicestershire. February 2019

Phoebe made me feel relaxed with her calm approach.

Mr G, Oadby, Leicestershire. February 2019

Personally dealing with Mrs Brown, she was very approachable.

Mrs M, Market Harborough, Leicestershire. January 2019

Friendliness, knowledge and understanding of complex family relationships.

Mr & Mrs W, Market Harborough, Leicestershire. January 2019

Christian Jenkins warm approach, excellent service.

Mr P, Kettering, Northamptonshire. January 2019

Phoebe was so kind and helpful, explaining everything to me.

Mrs K, Leicester. January 2019

Miss Tranter took her time to explain everything to me and answer any questions I didn’t understand, may I thank her for taking her time with me.

Mrs W, Leicester. January 2019

Excellent service throughout.

Mrs F, Leicester. January 2019

My daughter and I were dealing with Vicky Jones, she explained things very clearly to us and she was kind and caring.

Mrs M, Leicester. January 2019

Victoria Jones helped me by sending everything by post. She made it very clear what I had to do in completing the forms, was really helpful.

Miss J, Leicester. December 2018

As ever, the personal touch that Elizabeth provides is very much appreciated.

Mr & Mrs R, Market Harborough,Leicestershire. December 2018

I like individual attention.

Mr P, Wigston,Leicestershire. December 2018

Very friendly staff.

Mr & Mrs C, Wigston, Leicestershire. December 2018

Very helpful, nice polite service.

Mr B, Wigston, Leicestershire. December 2018

Andrea Jones is such a lovely lady, who explained things and had time for us.

Mr & Mrs P, Leicester. December 2018

Good communication and overall excellent, made us feel at ease.

Mr & Mrs R, Wigston, Leicestershire. December 2018

Eagerness to make sure I’d understood everything and didn’t rush me.

Mrs F, Wigston, Leicestershire. November 2018

Efficient and friendly.

Mr & Mrs B, Wigston, Leicestershire. November 2018

Matters were clearly explained and the service was conducted in an efficient and friendly manner.

Mr H, Leicester. November 2018

Christian made things very easy for us and was very approachable, very friendly solicitor.

Mrs R, Sileby, Leicestershire. October 2018

Mr Jenkins made the whole process quick and straight forward, thank you.

Mrs M, Fleckney, Leicestershire. October 2018

We were pleased with our solicitor Victoria Jones, very helpful in every way.

Mr & Mrs K, Wigston, Leicestershire. October 2018

That personal touch which sets you apart from others, I thought your services were excellent.

Mr K, Wigston, Leicestershire. October 2018

Fantastic, first class service. Well done very pleased.

Mr R, Leicester. September 2018

Vicky Jones was lovely, patient, understanding and happy to explain everything.

Mrs E, Wigston, Leicestershire. September 2018

All information properly explained and all the help and support given, thank you.

Mr D, Wigston, Leicestershire. September 2018

Kind friendly staff.

Mr & Mrs T, Wigston Magna, Leicestershire. September 2018

The kindness of Miss Tranter.

Mr M, Fleckney, Leicestershire. August 2018

Personal service from Phoebe Tranter who was always accessible when required.

Mrs L, Leicester. August 2018

The interview given by Andrea Jones was very helpful and easy to understand.

Mrs L, Evington, Leicestershire. August 2018

Very approachable and helpful via telephone as well as at meetings. Service was excellent and very thorough.

Mrs M, Broughton Astley, Leicestershire. August 2018

Christian’s manner was excellent, pitched him self perfectly and very professional. I honestly believe the service to be exceptional.

Mr & Mrs C, Market Harborough, Leicestershire. July 2018

Dealing with a pleasant person, excellent all round service from Phoebe Tranter.

Mrs H, Leicester. July 2018

Staff very welcoming and pleasant. Solicitor was very easy to talk to and helpful.

Mrs S, Cosby, Leicestershire. July 2018

I found Andrea Jones extremely helpful, she explained everything very clearly, the service was excellent.

Mrs B, Leicester. June 2018

May I offer my thanks to Andrea Jones for her personal service and her helpful and understanding manner.

Mr K, Leicester. June 2018

My thanks to all involved for excellent service and follow up.

Mr F, Bowton, Northamptonshire. June 2018

Phoebe Tranter, I would recommend. Nice manner, easy to deal with, explained things well.

Mr & Mrs W, Hinckley, Leicestershire. June 2018

Professional and personable staff, I felt like an individual. A caring service with good advice, knowledge and awareness of myself and family’s situation. Thank you Christian.

Mrs W, Market Harborough, Leicestershire. June 2018

Everyone was pleasant and helpful.

Mrs B, Oadby, Leicestershire. June 2018

The helpfulness of Phoebe.

Mr H, Beeston, Nottinghamshire. May 2018

Remembering to treat client’s with respect whilst remaining friendly.

Mrs C, Broughton Astley, Leicestershire. May 2018

Mrs Jones, clear and detailed explanations of the procedures and full answers to any queries. Impressive!

Mr N, Wigston,Leicestershire. May 2018

Andrea Jones lovely lady, very kind and helpful.

Mrs S, Leicester. May 2018

Andrea Jones was very pleasant and explained clearly any information I asked.

Mrs J, Wigston, Leicestershire. May 2018

Everyone was so nice and helpful.

Mrs C, Market Harborough, Leicestershire. May 2018

Friendly and polite, explained things clearly.

Mrs S, Market Harborough, Leicestershire. May 2018

I’ve not had this experience before, but I thought all the advice given to me was very honest.

Ms P, Rothwell, Northamptonshire. April 2018

Service was excellent all the way through.

Mr & Mrs V, Wigston, Leicestershire. April 2018

Vicky was very open and honest, and explained all I needed.

Mrs E, Wigston, Leicestershire. April 2018

Vicky was very pleasant, helpful and professional.

Mr & Mrs W, Wigston, Leicestershire. April 2018

Andrea made me feel confident that my Will would be correctly done.

Mrs F, Wigston, Leicestershire. April 2018

I was put at ease straightaway, after Christian Jenkins introduced himself and everything went smoothly.

Mrs P, South Wigston, Leicestershire. April 2018

Courteous and professional.

Mrs R, Wigston, Leicestershire. April 2018

Phoebe was very responsive in a quick fashion.

Mrs B, Wigston, Leicestershire. March 2018

Staff very friendly.

Mrs M, Wigston, Leicestershire. March 2018

Christian made me feel very comfortable and explained everything clearly.

Mrs W, Corby, Northants.

Phoebe gave a really personal efficient service, very personable.

Miss W, Great Glen, Leicestershire. February 2018

The compassion shown by Phoebe in her dealings with us.

Mr H, Wigston, Leicestershire. February 2018

Very polite experienced staff, put you at ease.

Mr & Mrs G, Wigston, Leicestershire. February 2018

The customer care.

Mr B, Market Bosworth, Leicestershire. February 2018

Andrea was very helpful and easy to talk to.

Mr L, Birstall, Leicestershire. February 2018

Andrea gave us excellent advice and has also been very supportive.

Mr H, Lutterworth, Leicestershire. February 2018

Always pleasantly efficient and prompt.

Mr C, Market Harborough, Leicestershire. February 2018