There is also no longer the opportunity to attend a driver education course instead of taking the points.

It is illegal to use a mobile phone (or tablet) whist you are behind the wheel.

Even if:

  • You have stopped at traffic lights
  • You are in a que of traffic
  • You have parked the car but the engine is still running
  • You use it as a sat nav
  • It’s to answer an incoming call
  • You are using your phone for work purposes. If you are caught using your phone you will have to pay the fine and the points will go onto your licence. Your employer may also face consequences if they have asked you to make work calls whilst driving

You are permitted to use a hands free kit, but you must not touch it at all whilst driving.

The ONLY time you can use a phone behind the wheel is to make a 999 call.

If you are an employer, you need to ensure your staff contracts include up to date information about phone use while driving in order to protect your companies interests.

If you would like advice about updating staff contracts please contact a member of our expert Employment team on 0116 212 1000 / 01858 445 480.