What is Gender Pay Reporting?

Gender pay reporting is a regulatory framework announced by the Government, it means that businesses with over 250 employees will berequired to publish the mean and median gender pay gaps as well as the number of men and women in each quartile of their pay distribution.

The data must be updated annually and records kept accessible on company websites for three years.

According to the Office of National Statistics, the gender pay gap stood at 9.4% in April 2015.  

The information published will be looked into to identify which sectors pay equally and where there is still a large divide. The Government are currently seeking views about whether companies should be able to provide a narrative to explain why there is the divide – although this has not yet been confirmed.

There have been several high profile equal pay cases taken to tribunal recently which highlighted the difference in pay and put reviews under scrutiny.

What impact could this have on businesses?  There are concerns that this could affect the reputation of businesses therefore it is important that business owners understand what is expected of them, stratagise and communicate clearly to staff about any pay gaps.

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