Sacking of Leicester Whistle-Blower

Sacking of Leicester Whistle-Blower

A Leicester based company have sacked a member of their staff who was a whistle-blower. He wanted to expose their ill treatment of staff and the tactics they had developed to avoid paying the national living wage.

Despite their pre-tax profit of £41.7 million they have cut their terms and conditions which their employees work under – they have cut overtime and have cancelled night shifts, Sunday pay rates and even paid tea breaks!

The staff member who spoke out about the unfair treatment has faced “severe bullying” according to his union. He has worked tirelessly for 12 years before he was dismissed. After he initially made a complaint he was given a disciplinary and was finally dismissed from his role as a team leader two weeks ago.

Further to this, he was accused of handing over details of a “confidential” letter that had been issued to staff, about the restrictions on their salaries, to local media.

It is also thought that another member of staff is currently being dragged through something similar – they are in the process of a disciplinary and it is feared they will be sacked soon too.

Lawson-West Employment Solicitor Vaishali Thakerar comments: “Local MP’s have become involved in this particular case because it is so extreme. They are appealing to the better natures of the company bosses to change the way they pay their staff.”

If you feel that you are being subjected to unfair treatment because of whistleblowing or if your employer is not paying in accordance with the national minimum wage then please contact Vaishali Thakerar of Lawson West Solicitors on 0116212 1059.

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