Paternity Leave - Reforms

Paternity Leave - Reforms

Paternity Leave Reforms - Partners and Fathers

We have now received a response to the Government’s 2019 consultation on options of reforming family related leave and pay.  In this response the government has set out the proposed statutory paternity leave reforms which are designed to give more choice and flexibility around how and when the leave is taken.  Under these reforms partners and fathers would be able to:-

  • Take their statutory paternity leave entitlement into separate one week blocks, as opposed to having to decide between taking one week only, or taking the full two weeks as one block.

  • To take the leave at anytime in the first year after the babies’ birth, or placement for adoption, rather than within the current 8 week period.

Notification Changes

The response also details changes to notification requirements for paternity leave.  The notice would still need to be given 15 weeks prior to birth, the father or partner would only be required to provide 28 days’ notice for the dates of their leave.  The government has said that secondary legislation detailing these reforms will be introduced in due course.

Mandatory Paternity Leave

There have been many calls for an increase to mandatory paternity leave, however sadly these reforms do not include any increase to the amount of paternity leave that eligible fathers and partners can take. 

The consultation considered potential changes for other family related leave and pay, however the only type of leave covered in the latest proposal reforms is paternity pay. 

The Government's Consultation Response

The government’s proposed response is detailed here:-

Parental Leave and Pay: good work plan: proposals to support families (

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