Does 'baldness' amount to 'Harassment Related to Sex'?

Does 'baldness' amount to 'Harassment Related to Sex'?

This week a decision in the Employment Tribunal has been hitting the headlines for any Employment Tribunal found that a male employee was subjected to harassment relating to sex when he was referred to as “bald” during an argument. 

The case has overlooked the difference between sexual harassment and harassment related to sex. 

This case related to harassment related to sex only, and the Tribunal had to consider whether the unwanted conduct related to the employee’s sex. 

Vaishali Thakerar
Director and Employment Solicitor,
Vaishali Thakerar at Lawson-West Solicitors


"Looking at the matter, it was found by the Tribunal that women and men can both be “bald” but the Tribunal noted that baldness is much more prevalent in men and that it is more likely that a male person would be at the end of receiving such comment.  The Tribunal concluded that there was a connection between the word “bald” and protective characteristic of sex and it found that baldness is inherently related to sex."

This was reported in the matter of Finn v 1) The British Bung Manufacturing Company Ltd; and 2) King.




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