Research shows managers working overtime each week

New research by the Institute of Leadership and Management has found that nearly half of UK managers work at least one extra day of overtime per week. Almost two thirds of workers surveyed said they felt under pressure to put in the extra hours, with 13% working two days of overtime each week.

The situation is attributed to heavy workloads and the ability to check emails on smartphones even when not at work, accounting for some 94% of managers working above their contracted hours each week.

The report also showed that 76% of workers frequently work late, nearly half regularly work through their lunch break, and 38% work at weekends. Just 13% reported feeling that they had a good work-life balance.

Charles Elvin, ILM chief executive, commented: “Excessive hours are not sustainable – there are only so many times you can burn the midnight oil before your performance, decision making and wellbeing begin to suffer.

“This is why it’s so important for organisations to equip staff with the fundamental planning and time management skills they need to cope with their workloads more effectively.”

With 86% of people regularly checking their work emails on evenings and weekends, and 21% accessing their email more than 10 times per day outside office hours, smartphones are exacerbating the problem.

Elvin warned this “obsessive checking” of email when out of the office could lead to “unhealthy behaviours”: “We all know how stressful it can be to receive an urgent late night email when you feel compelled to respond immediately,” he added.

“Organisations can help address this with some clear guidelines on email etiquette, including when best to send and reply to important messages.”

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