Report into value of communication to staff

Recruitment firm Reed have published a report showing that more employees value good communications skills in their managers than value strong leadership qualities.

Conducted among more than 2,500 UK workers, the survey saw 21% feeling communication was the most important factor when describing their ideal manager. This compared to 19% who felt strong leadership was the most valuable trait and 14% stating fairness.

The poll also asked participants to name their ideal manager from a given list of celebrities. Barack Obama and Richard Branson topped the list – Obama for his calmness under pressure and communication skills – and Branson for his encouraging nature.

Reed group managing director Tom Lovell said: “There are some overarching qualities that all of the best leaders will have. But there are some things like a sense of humour and compassion that will come easier to some than others. Different managers will have different strengths in this area. I think you’d be hard pushed to find someone who will have every single skill mentioned.”

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