Euros 2024 Top Tips for Employers: Can I watch the football at work?

Euros 2024 Top Tips for Employers:  Can I watch the football at work?

Many people will be excited to watch this year’s Euros football spectacle in Germany and follow their team throughout the tournament.

Top Tips and Tactics for Employers

The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) advises employers to plan ahead and to have agreements in place that would help mitigate them receiving any “penalties” or “unnecessary sending-offs.”

Annual Leave

Employers may wish to look at being a little more flexible when allowing employees time off during this period. This should be done on a fair and equal basis to ensure that employees who are not interested in the Euros are not treated differently and do not suffer a detriment.


Employers may wish to allow their work force to amend their working hours or make an agreement to ensure that time is made up for. ACAS has recommended that allowing staff to listen to the radio or watch the TV may be a further option for employers to take. Employers may also wish to allow staff to swap shifts with others, providing that they have got the permission to do this. Employers should ensure that all staff are treated equally and thus are strongly advised to review policies and procedures when allowing staff to work flexibly.

Use of social media and websites

Many businesses will already have a social media policy in place; however, it is recommended that that employers reiterate their policy and position. Employers may also wish to inform and remind their workforce of the significance of comments on social media during the tournament. This is particularly important if the employee’s social media has links to their work place.

Unauthorised absences and short notice holidays

Due to the unpredictability of a national team’s performance in the tournament, there is a high possibility of employees making short notice requests for holiday. Employers are advised to brief their employees on unauthorised absences and inform of them of any possible consequences.

Drinking in the workplace

Mostly football matches will take place during standard work hours. While it may seem obvious, it is important for employers to remind their workforce that anyone who is caught drinking at work, or is caught to be under the influence in the workplace could be subjected to some form of disciplinary. 

Euros 2024 takes place in Germany between 14 June and 14 July, with no matches scheduled on General Election day, 4th July.

Sejal Patel

Sejal Patel, Employment Law Team 
Lawson-West Solicitors, Leicester

"Employers and businesses are under no obligation to allow their workforce to watch the football. However, employers are advised to inform their employees of their policies and implement a clear and fair way to implement the employees’ preferences about the Euros 2024."

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