Conveyancing Department Client Poem

Conveyancing Department Client Poem

Dianne and I have wanted to say thank you for some time

Then this fell out of my head and we think it’s fine


Plot 2, 5b is sold!

The last of the four, three was first

The works are done, the path has been laid

Everyone has just about been paid


You’ve been a star guiding us through

Now it’s all over – pheeew

Not too naggy just enough to push

You’ve told me how to find that paperwork stuff


A colleague, a friend, all the way through

We’d do it again, but only with you

It’s a serious business, there’s a lot at stake

With directness and wit you’ve made no mistake


We’d pay you a bonus but we are broke,

No, not really, that’s just a joke

We’ll be in touch, maybe next year

With a smaller project…have no fear

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