Neighbours on the Verge

After an unrelenting eight-year feud, a couple vow to jail their elderly neighbour if he steps foot on the grass verge outside his home.

When the couple moved to Whitby, Yorkshire, they obtained the ownership of the 100 yard roadside verge as part of the property. Their neighbour had previously tended to the land by planting rows of bulbs and using it as an access route for his boathouse. When the couple asked him to stop maintaining and utilising the area, he refused.

The couple obtained a court order after they were subjected to a campaign of terror by the retired house-builder which included; driving on the verge in his car and causing the immaculate grass to be churned up

As a boundary setting measure the couple placed 40 large ornamental rocks to boarder their strip of land. In protest, the elderly male was found smashing one of the stones with a sledgehammer, which consequentially earned him a night in a police cell.

A prosecutor had told the court that the males behaviour had ‘escalated’ from the stone-smashing escapade which resulted in; a restraining order which forbids him to step foot on his neighbours land, court costs, a fine and a driving ban for 6 months.

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