Costs for Employment Tribunals

The Ministry of Justice has published figures to show that since the introduction of fees payable for employment tribunals the success rate has fallen. Based on 21,500 cases in the third quarter of 2015/16 the figures show that 6% of cases were successful and 6% were not, whereas in 2012/13, 11% of claims were successful and 7% were unsuccessful.

The charges, of up to £1,200, were introduced in 2013 with the justification that the rate would ensure higher quality cases.

A spokesperson from the Ministry of Justice said that they felt it was right that users should contribute towards the £71 million costs that it takes to run the tribunal service.

In other news, The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills have created an order which they took to parliament called ‘The Employment Rights (Increase of Limits) Order 2016’.

Within the regulation it details the annual increase to payments for employment compensation. It will rise from the current rate which calculates a week’s pay at £475 to £479 and the maximum compensatory award will also increase to £78,962 which is a hike of £627.

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