Spotlight on Fiona Wilson - Head of Family Law

Spotlight on Fiona Wilson - Head of Family Law

As Fiona Wilson celebrates her second anniversary of being the Head of the Family Department at Lawson-West Solicitors, we thought we would point the spotlight on her and find out what makes Fiona tick.

Who are you?

"I am Fiona Wilson. I am a solicitor, specialising in family law for 26 years. I work on a full-time basis and mainly in the office.  

I am an Accredited Member of Resolution. As an Accredited specialists I am considered highly competent in the areas I specialise in. Accreditation is a mark of excellence in practice, recognised by the public, members of Resolution and the judiciary. It demonstrates the outstanding level of skill and expertise in Family Law.

I live in Leicestershire, I am a mum to two teenage boys, one of whom is car mad and the other sports mad. One cockapoo, three cats and a tortoise. Never a dull moment!"

What do you do?

"As a family solicitor I am able to offer advise and assist clients on a full range of issues including:


Co-habitation Agreements, Pre-nuptial Agreements, Separation Agreements


Divorce, Judicial Separation, Co-habitation breakdown

Financial matters on breakdown of relationships

Property, Savings, Pensions, Companies and Shares, Trusts, Maintenance (spousal and child), co-habitation.



Live with Orders, Spend time with Orders, Prohibited Steps Orders, Specific Issue Orders, Parental Responsibility, Internal Re-location, Removal from Jurisdiction, Special Guardianship Orders, for parents, grandparents and  extended family members


On behalf of clients, I will always try to negotiate a resolution. This gives all parties a sense that they have had a voice, and their voice has been heard. Negotiations are an effective way to bring harmony to what probably started as disharmony.

I can refer clients to mediation or other non-court-based resolution schemes.

If all of this fails and court proceedings do become necessary, then I am equally comfortable guiding clients through the court process. Though I will always keep an eye out for a chance to negotiate."

Why do you do this job?

"Because I love it!

I am a “people person”. I meet clients from all walks of life, but all are going through the same type of life experiences, where they need specialist advice and help. Clients come in to see me who are worried or even scared about what the future has to offer them. Talking through the clients’ concerns, advising them and helping my clients take the next steps is what I do best. My aim is to ensure that when each matter is concluded the client is happy and confident for their future."

Where do you work from?

"In the offices - I travel between our Leicester and Market Harborough offices."

And your first two years as Head of Department at Lawson-West?

"The team at Lawson-West is a joy to work with. Everyone has a great work ethic, conscientious and all put clients needs first. We work well together and whilst it may seem like a cliché, we are a family."

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