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Making holiday arrangements for your children

Making holiday arrangements for your children

With the first school holiday of 2018 having already taken place, and the Easter break approaching quickly, many parents may be planning their next holiday with their children. But, when parents have separated this may not be an easy task. Consideration needs to be given to how much time the children will spend with each parent which can often lead to disagreements. 

In order to avoid any conflict, it is always recommended that these arrangements are planned as early as possible. Giving notice of planned holidays to the other parent can often avoid fallings out meaning that arrangements can then be made with both parents feeling they have been given an equal opportunity to share quality time with the children. 

If however the disagreement continues it is important not to delay moving matters forward, initially to mediation and as a last resort, to the court. 

At Lawson-West, we aim to help you reach an amicable solution, giving sensible and practical advice. We strive to help families move forward and in doing so try to minimise conflict. We appreciate however, that sometimes applications to the court are required, and in these circumstances our experienced solicitors will represent your best interests using their extensive knowledge to guide you through the process. 

We know that every case and every family dynamic is different, the advice and support that we offer will reflect this.

Your case will be handled by one of our highly skilled family solicitors who have all been practising family law for a number of years.  

Lawson-West Family Solicitor Sarah Townsend shares her top five tips for making holiday arrangements:

  1. Discuss before booking, this will often avoid conflict and will hopefully result in dates that can be agreed.
  2. Agree the arrangements as soon as possible. This will allow time for court applications should they be necessary. 
  3. Provide the details of the holiday to the other parent. Knowing where the children will be and contact details for them will be reassuring.
  4. Make arrangements for the handover of the child’s passport if the holiday destination is abroad.
  5. Offer arrangements for FaceTime/Skype or telephone contact with the other parent while away.

You can contact Sarah, or Elizabeth, for an appointment at our Wigston office on 0116 212 1080, Alistair at our Market Harborough office on 01858 445 480 and James at our Leicester office on 0116 212 1000.

Alternatively, visit the family law pages on the Lawson-West website and complete an online contact form.

Lawson-West are members of Resolution who are an organisation who promote collaboration from both parents in order to reduce any animosity and to help both sides reach an agreement where possible.

We also work closely with CAFCASS who are the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service. They represent children who are involved in family court cases to ensure that the children’s voice, opinion and feelings are heard and acknowledged.

Support is available with all areas of childcare arrangements, be it generally or specifically during school holidays. Lawson-West offer an initial no-obligation appointment costing £100 +VAT at a day and time to suit you providing the opportunity to find out about all support services available. 

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