Flexible workers are "less stressed"

A new survey from Regus has shown that more than half of employers are reporting an increase in stress-related illness in the workplace since the economic downturn began, but, that flexible working can actually reduce work-related stress.

Stress-related illness can cause or aggravate a number of health conditions such as depression and heart disease. The latest research among 4,000 businesses found that 38% of people were losing sleep worrying about work, with 45% of employers seeing an increase in absenteeism due to stress. However 69% felt that flexible working went a long way to reducing stress.

Other findings included:

  • 35% of respondents were worried about losing their job;
  • 38% felt less confident about the sector they worked in;
  • 39% reported that family and friends had noticed they were stressed by work;
  • 37% said that stress was damaging the personal relationships of a colleague.

John Spencer, Regus’s UK CEO said: "This report confirms that the length of the economic downturn and stuttering recovery have put immense strain on businesses and their staff." The most effective way to tackle this, he said, is to "extend flexible working options, with seven in ten workers convinced that this increases wellbeing and reduces stress. This trend is in evidence across our national network, as employers recognise the benefits of letting staff work at more convenient locations."

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