Rights of access

A recent example we came across highlights the importance of rights of access over land, in particular when you want to sell. In this case, the land being sold had two access routes. One of them, the main route to the land, crossed over an area designated as ‘village green/common land’. Although planning permission was in place for right of access, it wasn’t enough to grant access over a village green. This could be off-putting to a prospective buyer. At Lawson-West, we have come across a number of similar situations.

It is therefore critical to ensure all rights of access are in place and cannot be challenged when you BUY a piece of land – otherwise you could struggle to find a buyer later on. For more information on buying land, and the safeguards you need to put in place, please contact Bev Heys or Rebecca Beswick at Lawson-West on 0116 212 1000.

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