Cowboy Builders Cause London Flat to Collapse

A family from Finchley, North London decided to extend their ground floor flat and so they employed a builder to convert their basement into two new bedrooms. However, the shoddy work that was carried out caused the property to collapse.

The family initially realised there was a problem when they woke up one morning and saw a crack in the exterior wall so wide they could see outside through it. Thankfully, they left the house immediately because not long after the side wall of their building collapsed into the exterior wall of the house next door. Their own house was then declared unsafe and was demolished from the inside out.

All of this happened as a result of an incompetent builder. But the family are unable to sue him due to the fact that his business is now insolvent. His insurance company have also refused to pay out on his behalf.

The couple now face a bill of thousands of pounds in legal fees whereas the builders have not had to pay any costs.  

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