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A Little Mistake That Cost A Leicester Businessman £53,184

Is this a typical scenario?

A Leicester businessman was dismayed at having been issued with court proceedings for over fifty thousand pounds by a loyal and previously happy customer.

Mr A owned a delivery company which supplied his customers with industrial parts. One day the manufacturer who supplied Mr A didn’t deliver the relevant parts. It was therefore impossible for Mr A to supply his customer with goods on a previously specified date.

Mr A’s customers successfully sued him for £53,184 damages which included loss of profits, indirect losses, damage to goodwill and interest. In addition to this payment, Mr A also had to pay his customer’s legal costs as well as his own.

Had he known about an almost unbelievable free service at Lawson West Solicitors, he could have met with a qualified solicitor to review his customer terms and conditions at no cost to him. The review would have quickly highlighted the weaknesses in his current terms and conditions.

Can you afford to have your business exposed and let heavy losses eat into your profits? Can you afford to lose money, let distractions take you away from your business and suffer irreparable damage to your reputation?

Call David Heys today to check if you qualify for our free 5 point health check of your terms and conditions, telephone 0116 212 1000.

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