Contentious Probate

Family will dispute

We have experience of acting for executors, claimants, defendants, beneficiaries, disappointed beneficiaries and dependants in relation to a wide range of contentious probate matters. This includes:

  • Disputes over invalid, disputed or fraudulent Wills.

  • Rectification of mistakes or variations of Wills.

  • Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 claims.

  • Power of Attorney disputes.

  • Dealing with disputes concerning the administration of an estate.

  • Bringing claims for, or defending claims against, an estate.

  • Making applications to Court for a “Beddoe” order in relation to the personal liability of an executor for costs.

  • Providing advice and guidance to all parties concerned about the process of probate.

  • Making and defending applications to substitute or remove an executor and dealing generally with disputes concerning executors.

  • Challenging the fees incurred by an executor.

  • Dealing with disputes between beneficiaries.


Madhvi Panchal Litigation Dispute Resolution Solicitor, Lawson-West Leicester

Madhvi Panchal, Solicitor, Dispute Resolution 

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