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Right to Buy

Council House Purchases

Lawson-West have been handling council house purchases since the introduction of Right to Buy in 1980. The law says that if you have spent over 2 years in council housing then you have the right to buy the house or flat that you currently occupy at a considerable discount. You need not have lived in the same house and time spent living with other public sector tenants can count towards both your discount and the necessary 2 year period. For example if you lived with your parents while they were council tenants or if an ex husband or wife was a council tenant then you may be able to count those periods towards the 2 years you need and towards your discount.

At Lawson-West, solicitors, we recognise that deciding to buy instead of renting is a very big step and can be quite a worry. We try to reduce this stress by explaining the process and working with the council and your lender to ensure that the purchase is completed as smoothly as possible.