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Services for Landlords
The lease that you give to your tenant is a very important document. Get it wrong and you may devalue your property, get it right and your property will be that much more attractive to banks or buyers.

At Lawson-West Commercial we will:
  • Advise you on your options when the lease is coming to an end
  • Advise you on removing (or otherwise dealing with) an unsatisfactory tenant
  • Act for you if your tenant approaches you about transferring the lease to someone new
  • Act for you if your tenant is proposing changes to the lease
  • Advise you generally on the terms of your lease.
A lease is a contract between you, as the landlord, and your tenant and the terms that are decided at the outset govern your future relationship. Just like any other contract, what's written in the lease can be particularly important if things go wrong (for example if the building burns down). Here at Lawson-West Commercial we believe in tailoring each lease to suit your individual needs and protect your interests as there is no standard document which suits everyone.

However, we also understand that it is important to you to get your tenant in to the property as quickly as possible and thereby get rental income flowing. Lawson-West Commercial will not create a 'legal black hole' from which your lease never returns but instead will produce a business document that protects your interests but which your tenant can sign up to.

Above all, our aim is to ensure that the lease is tailored to meet your needs as a landlord but also flexible enough to allow your tenant to grow his business since a prosperous tenant equals a good investment.

If you have any queries regarding leasing commercial property as a landlord, please contact David Heys on 0116 212 1027 now.