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Selling at Property Auctions

Selling at auction can be a stressful process but it can also be a great way to sell your house. Before the day of the auction arrives, most auctioneers will want the property to have a pre-prepared auction legal pack and that is where Lawson-West Commercial come in.

The legal pack contains all relevant information about the property including title documents, leases (where applicable), searches, planning documentation and office copy entries and can be a real asset in encouraging buyers to think seriously about your property.

Here at Lawson-West, we can analyse your title deeds and advise you of any problems that there might be as well as suggest possible solutions.

We can then prepare a pack that is tailored to suit your property. In addition, we can generally attend the auction so that Lawson-West Commercial are on site to answer any questions on the legal title that might be raised by prospective buyers.

We understand how important a sale can be and our aim is to ensure that we give you every assistance we can to achieve that goal.

If you have any queries regarding selling property at auctions, please contact David Heys on 0116 212 1027 now.