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A Living Will is an advance statement regarding medical treatment and can be used to outline medical treatments you wish or do not wish to have and appoint someone else to make medical treatment decisions on your behalf if you are too ill to make decisions for yourself.  Not all aspects of a Living Will are legally enforceable, but they do provide guidance for people giving you medical care and are helpful to family members who may have to make decisions for you.
Anyone who is aged over 18 and has mental capacity can make a Living Will.  However, you cannot refuse basic care, including warmth, cleanliness, shelter, pain relief and provision of food and water by mouth.
There are three elements to a Living Will although a will does not have to include all three:-

Request Directive

Requesting particular treatments, although doctors cannot be forced to give specific treatments and this aspect of a Living Will would be taken as guidance because it is not currently legally enforceable.

Refusal Directive

Refusing certain treatment, particularly if you do not wish to be kept alive beyond a certain point, especially where there may not be any prospect of recovery or if certain treatments conflict with religious beliefs.

Proxy Directive

Appointing someone to make treatment decisions on your behalf if you are too ill to make those decisions for yourself.  This is not legally enforceable as it is doctors who will ultimately make decisions about your treatment.  But it can provide guidance as to who would be best to consult, particularly if you are cohabiting because your partner may not be recognised as your next of kin so doctors may not fully consult them.
Creating a Living Will provides reassurance if you are worried about being kept alive by medical technology beyond a stage that you would choose or if you wish to be kept alive for long as possible
Living Wills can also help family members who may have to make decisions on your behalf if you become too ill to make those decisions.
A Living Will can be changed and updated at any time.  The British Medical Association recommend reviewing Living Wills every five years to check they still reflect your wishes.
If you would like to make a Living Will or wish to discuss Living Wills further, please call 01858 445480 now or complete one of the on-line forms. You can make an appointment at any of our branches in Market Harborough, Wigston or on the Meridian Business Park.  We can also arrange a home or hospital visit if you are unable to attend any of our offices due to your ill health, for a small additional fee.