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Powers of Attorney

Looking After Someone Else's Affairs

If you need to deal with the finances of someone who no longer has the mental or physical ability to do so themselves, we can help. You might need a Power of Attorney, Social Services or Benefits Agency appointeeship, Court of Protection Receivership or simply an ad hoc arrangement with a bank. But, before taking on any of these roles, you will need careful advice to make sure whatever you decide to do is really going to help that person and not cause any unforeseen problems later on.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

For more advice about Lasting Powers of Attorney, click the link above.

Benefits Checks and Advice

We have a specialist team dealing with issues affecting the elderly. If you need help applying for benefits or you just want to make sure you're getting what you are entitled to, we can do this for you, using the latest computer software.

Enduring Powers of Attorney

Since 1 October 2007, Enduring Powers of Attorney were replaced by Lasting Powers of Attorney. However, any existing Enduring Power of Attorney made before 1 October 2007, is still valid but only in respect of Property and Affairs.

If you wish to appoint an attorney for your health care decisions, you will need to make a Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney.