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In most cases, separating couples can resolve their legal issues with the assistance of Solicitors. However, they are now required to go through the mediation process before they are able to take a dispute to court regarding children or finances. The idea is that mediation helps resolve disputes in a quicker and more cost-effective way than going through a drawn-out court case. However, you cannot be compelled to attend mediation.

Mediators are trained to help separating couples overcome issues such as child contact arrangements and responsibility for financial commitments. A mediator will meet with you and your partner together and will help you both identify the things you are struggling to see eye to eye on, so that you can reach an agreement about how to move forward.

Mediators cannot offer legal advice to you, they are completely neutral. It is therefore advisable to obtain legal advice alongside the mediation process to ensure you are fully protected.

Mediation assessment

The mediator first needs to find out whether the mediation process is suitable for both you and your partner. If so, a number of meetings may be required to give you time to sort through your options, and will require you to provide financial information if appropriate. In between meetings you are advised to talk to your solicitor for advice.

Once you have put together proposals to resolve your disputes, the mediator will prepare a summary of them alongside the financial information you have provided. This will be sent to both of you to discuss with your solicitors. If you are both happy with the proposals once you have taken legal advice, your solicitor will convert any agreement reached into a legally binding document for you.

If, after your initial meeting it’s agreed that mediation won’t work and you will need to go to Court, the mediator will provide you with documentation that proves you have tried mediation first.

We are always willing to discuss each individual situation. Please phone Alistair Dobson on 01858 445480, James Haworth on 0116 212 1000 or Sarah Townsend on 0116 212 1080 to arrange a free initial appointment or visit one of our free walk-in clinics.  

Please note this will be kept in strictest confidence and is required solely to ensure we do not have a conflict of interest according to SRA regulations. The party WILL NOT be contacted by Lawson-West.