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Relate/Marriage Guidance Counselling

It takes a lot of strength of character to admit that something is wrong. You can get help, if you feel that there might be a chance to save your marriage, or your partnership.
The counsellors at Relate are very experienced in family difficulties, and you might like to seek help there.


Perhaps you feel that things are at an end between you, but you don't want to rush into divorce. You just want to try and sort out the practical things like who should stay at the house, or have the car, or where the children should live while you consider things for a while.
A qualified mediator might be able to help you here. He or she is trained and experienced in listening to what you want to try and sort out, and helping the two of you, together, to find the right answer.

We are always willing to discuss each individual situation. Please phone Alistair Dobson on 01858 445480, James Haworth on 0116 212 1000 or Sarah Townsend and Geraldine Watson on 0116 212 1080 to arrange a free initial appointment or visit one of our free walk-in clinics.  

Please note this will be kept in strictest confidence and is required solely to ensure we do not have a conflict of interest according to SRA regulations. The party WILL NOT be contacted by Lawson-West.