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I lost a day’s sales, what can I do?

Unless you are a large company who hosts their own website, it is likely that you are using another party to “host” your website.  That party owns a server which is physically connected to the internet and allows people to access your site.  If that server crashes, or the company running it needs to carry out maintenance, then people may not be able to access your site. One thing you may need in order to prevent this happening at crucial times of the day is a website hosting agreement.
This will set out such things as specified hours of the day when the service provider can schedule time to fix problems with the server, how long a server is allowed to be down without compensation being payable and what speed of internet service the server provider will be responsible for offering to your clients. As we all know, nothing is more irritating than a website that simply will not load.  It is important when agreeing these things that you think about your specific business needs.
For example, if you are seeking to sell abroad then you need to consider time differences and when your likely customers are going to be on the internet, so standard hosting agreements may not always fit your business requirements.

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