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How do I prevent my competitors from stealing my ideas if they are available freely on the internet?

One of the things that some of the really big companies (Amazon, Ebay etc) do very effectively is produce website terms and conditions and one of the reasons they are so successful is that everybody understands those terms and conditions and buyers know what they are getting as well as sellers.
However, I do not know many people who have read the terms and conditions from start to finish but they do in fact act as both an incentive and a deterrent.  A good set of terms and conditions will highlight the unique selling points of your business making it attractive to potential buyers. At the same time they will include terms, for example preventing the unauthorised reproduction of materials from the site or unauthorised linking to the site and to protect you from being involved in disputes over unauthorised content being posted on your site. 
It is therefore vitally important that every business has a good set of terms and conditions which instils confidence in buyers while at the same time protecting the business.

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