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Online & E-commerce at Lawson-West Commercial

You only have to listen to the news every around Christmas time to know that being able to sell over the internet is becoming more and more important to businesses. Whether you supply goods or services, your internet site performs two very important functions:-

1.    It can tell your clients and customers a lot about your business
2.    It can be used to reach new clients and sell your services or goods to them

However, while opening up many avenues to all businesses, the internet can also be a legal minefield for the unwary. Do you know who owns your domain name, who hosts your server, what to do if your server breaks down, whether your website protects your business and whether your website complies with all the laws that apply to your line of business?

If not, then your website - which could be a great tool for opening markets to you -could become a bit of a legal liability.

The aim of this section is to deal with some of the common legal problems which businesses with a web presence can encounter and the sorts of things that can be done to overcome those problems. 

Why Use Lawson-West Commercial?

We have a client charter and service guarantee setting out in writing the high standards you can expect from us. At Lawson-West, Solicitors, our aim is to add value to your business and we do this in a number of ways:
•    Listening to and understanding what is important to you
•    Working to your deadlines
•    Advising on ways to improve your bottom line
•    Working closely with your other professional advisors so you can be sure you have a team behind you all the way
•    Managing your risk and future-proofing documents so you can move forward
•    Having direct telephone and email so you can contact the person handling your case at a time convenient to you
•    Providing specialist and jargon-free advice.
For more information on specific areas, please contact David Heys on 0116 212 1027 now.
Online & E-commerce