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This will include full details of your company (e.g. full company name, any business name(s), registered office address, registered number, date of incorporation, place of incorporation, and name under which it was incorporated and any subsequent name changes) of the company. Details of any holding companies, subsidiaries or other associated companies will also be relevant.

Gather copies of the Company's audited accounts and directors' reports for the last five financial years, a statement of accounting policies adopted in the audited accounts and management accounts and details of any changes in accounting policies, plus any other relevant financial information.

Collate copies or details of any agreement, contract, transaction, obligation, commitment, understanding, liability or arrangement (written or oral) of the Company which is material to the business of the Company. Also compile copies of all standard terms and conditions of sale or purchase currently used by the Company and details of all credit arrangements in favour of any customer of the Company.
Include a list of all major customers.

Create a list and details of all assets owned by the Company and details of any purchase price outstanding. Gather details and copies of the latest valuation and basis of valuation for each fixed asset owned by the Company.

Create a schedule of all freehold and leasehold properties owned by the Company, details of leases, tenancies or licences to occupy granted by the Company in respect of any of the properties, plus details of any third party rights over the properties . Compile details of any mortgage, debenture, charge, lien or other right in the nature of security or any option, right of pre-emption or right of first refusal affecting any of the properties. Valuations, details of outgoings and utilities may also be required.

Put together an anonymised list of all employees and directors wholly or mainly employed by the Company, including job description; date of birth; length of continuous employment; present pay; bonus, incentive arrangements and all other benefits; hours of work and notice period for termination of employment or expiry date of fixed-term employment, plus copies of contracts.

Provide details and copies of relevant documents relating to any pension scheme(s) operated by the Company including details of the current rate of the employer's and employees' contributions to the pension scheme(s) and any proposed alterations to these arrangements etc.
Compile a list of any employees of the Company not participating in the pension scheme(s).

Compile a list and, where relevant, copies of documents relating to all intellectual property rights (e.g.patents, rights to inventions, copyright, trade marks, business and domain names, rights in computer software, database rights, and any other intellectual property rights (IPR), in each case whether registered or unregistered in any part of the world) held for use by the Company together with any which are required to fulfil any contracts of the Company, with confirmation that all IPR are validly owned by the Company and all registrable IPR have been registered.

Collate particulars of any ongoing or threatened litigation, arbitration, mediation or similar proceedings or disputes with third parties relating to or affecting the Company occurring in the last 5 years including the names of the parties involved; the sum claimed; brief details of the issues; estimated costs incurred to date and likely to be incurred in the future; and brief details of the merits, any advice received and the likely outcome.
Provide details of any existing or pending judgments affecting the Company and copies of the relevant orders.

Collect details relating to all insurance arrangements that the Company has in place, including details of the nature and amount of cover, name and address of insurer, annual premiums (including evidence of latest premiums paid), renewal date and any outstanding claims.  Include confirmation that these arrangements survive the proposed transfer of shares in the Company.

These may include licences & consents required for the operation of the business (e.g. premises licence or health and safety permit) including whether the consents are valid and subsisting; dates for renewal of the consents; any onerous conditions attached to the consents; and any reason for the consents to be suspended or cancelled or revoked.
The above is a summary of the key areas but is not exhaustive. A more detailed checklist is available on request by calling David Heys on 0116 212 1027 or emailing:
If you'd like assistance with the sale of your business, please give David a call today.