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Dealing with disputes can be time-consuming and costs can increase unnecessarily if correct procedures are not followed. 
If you are an individual needing advice about a dispute rather than a business please visit our litigation for individuals pages for more information.
At Lawson-West Commercial we can help businesses with:-

Commercial Property Disputes regarding Landlords or Tenants

Although the most common areas of dispute concern non-payment of rent or failure to carry out repairs, there are many types of dispute that can arise between a commercial landlord and tenant.

Whether a claim is being made against you or you are thinking of bringing a claim, here at Lawson-West Commercial we can advise you on your legal options. We take a practical approach to all property disputes and, because we take the time to listen to what you want to achieve, we can advise you not just on the legal procedure for getting there but also on your likely chance of success.

Commercial Disputes including arbitration and litigation

Commercial disputes arise for many different reasons but there are always two sides to the story and sometimes, although not always, a satisfactory conclusion can be reached by negotiation without the expense of going to court.

Here at Lawson-West we can advise you of all your options and the likely outcomes because we don’t believe that court action should always be the starting point.

More often than not, disputes can be settled by negotiation between the parties and, here at Lawson-West, our strength lies in our ability to look at both sides and understand what the likely outcome will be.

Debt Recovery

Many people don’t sue for money that is owed to them because they’re simply too busy doing other things and filling out court forms is time consuming.

Here at Lawson-West, we can take this problem away from you. At the outset we will advise you on your chances of success because we understand that a ‘win’ is not getting a court order saying you’re owed the money but actually getting paid!

We will pursue the debt on your behalf and guide you through the legal procedures for getting judgement in your favour.

In addition, we can advise you on any changes you could make to your paperwork to make recovering debts owed to you easier.

For more information please contact David Heys or Richard Tomlinson at Lawson-West on 0116 212 1000.