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Due to a recent change in the Law you can no longer recover legal costs when pursuing debts under £10,000. Lawson-West Commercial have therefore introduced a fixed fee package to assist our commercial clients to recover debts owed to them. For a fixed fee of £650.00 plus VAT and Court Fees, for all debts under £10,000 Lawson-West will :-
  • Receive your completed instruction sheet & money on account
  • Carry out initial investigations into the Defendant's financial viability to pay
  • Write to the debtor asking for payment within seven days of initial instruction
  • Follow up the letter by telephone call.
If payment is made prior to the issue of proceedings, a flat fee of £225.00 plus VAT will be deducted from the money already placed on account, with the balance returned to you.
If payment has not been received we guarantee that within 7 days of the expiry date given for payment, and within the all inclusive fee, we will issue Court  proceedings, obtaining a Judgment and the issue of a Warrant of Execution.
If you are an individual needing advice about debt recovery please visit our litigation for individuals pages for more information.

What Can Go Wrong ?

If, on receiving the Claim Form, the Defendant notifies their intention to defend then the matter will be referred to our Litigation Specialist who will provide a cost estimate of the further work which will be required.  If at this stage you choose not to pursue matters further then a fee of £550.00 plus VAT and Court fees will be payable to Lawson-West for the work carried out to that point. Again this will be deducted from the money you have already paid on account, with the balance returned to you.
If no Defence is filed, then a Judgment will be entered and a Warrant of Execution issued for Bailiffs to visit.
If a  Warrant proves to be unsuccessful,  there are various other methods of enforcement available, at an additional cost. Should you choose to take matters further at this point, your file will be transferred to a member of our specialist team who will advise you of the likely costs.

As with any litigation there are no guarantees of success, or recovery - but we can guanratee an excellent service.

Call Richard Tomlinson or Sarah Hickey today on 0116 212 1000 for more information.