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There are lots of advertisements in the newspapers for Will writers, offering to make your Will for less than solicitors. Your bank or insurance company might offer to make your Will for just a few pounds. But BEWARE! Do you know the full cost?

If you are phoning around comparing prices, here are some useful questions for you to ask, to make sure you know the true cost of making your Will:-

1. Will you store my Will after it has been signed? If so, how much do you charge per year?

Lawson-West can store your Will free of charge for life. We would be happy to store your title deeds or share certificates as well at no extra cost.

2. I'm just not sure what I want my Will to say. Can I have a chat about my Will first of all, before you start charging me?

At Lawson-West we are happy to offer a free, no-obligation meeting to just chat through your particular circumstances. At the end of that meeting, if you decide you do not want to make your Will with us, you can just walk away, with no strings attached and no bill to pay.

3. Can you come to my home?

We are happy to offer meetings at any of our 3 offices in Wigston, Leicester or Market Harborough, or if your health prevents you from coming to us, we can visit you at home or in hospital for an additional fee.

4. Is there an extra charge if I want to sign my Will at your offices? Do I need to bring my own witnesses?

We recommend that you sign your Wills at our offices, and we can provide the witnesses, all included in the price of your Will.

5. Do you charge an administration fee, for providing copies of my Will to me, my executors or my family?

We will provide you with a copy of your Will once it is signed, free of charge, and would be pleased to send copies to anyone else you choose, at no extra cost.

6. I jointly own a property with someone else and may need to change how we own from 'joint tenants' to 'tenants in common' for my Will to be effective. How much extra does this cost?

We can prepare the paperwork needed for this and register the change at HM Land Registry as part of preparing your Will.

7. I would like to appoint you as my executors. What does this cost?

We do not charge any extra for being appointed your executors. When the time comes to administer your estate, we will make a charge for dealing with this but there is no extra cost when making your Will.

8. Protect the children from your first marriage

Your surviving spouse may re-marry in the future after your death. Protect the interests of your children to ensure that they receive a share of your property by way of a Life Interest Trust.
Because we tailor-make your Will for you, the cost will depend on your own particular needs and circumstances. We will be happy to confirm our costs at the free initial meeting, when we have an understanding of what you need us to do. Our charge for a single 'standard' Will (where everything passes to one or more people outright, with no tax or trusts complications) is £165 plus V.A.T. (i.e. £198.00 total) and for standard “mirror” Wills for a couple is £250 plus V.A.T. (i.e. £300.00 total). Your Will may cost more than this if you need to include more complex gifts, trusts, or tax planning. We will let you know if this is the case and, as always, you can walk away with no strings attached and no bill to pay if you decide not to go ahead.