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Have you ever purchased goods or services that you believe are not fit for purpose?

Examples of situations could include:

·         Disputes with builders or other contractors e.g. electricians, plumbers, decorators, garden landscapers.
·         You buy a new product that doesn’t work properly – e.g. an electrical item such as a TV, games console, washing machine or dishwasher.
·         Your professional services advisor lets you down – e.g. accountant, solicitor.
·         Your new car breaks down just after you’ve bought it.

At some point, most people will find themselves in this sort of situation – but what do you do? Lawson-West have specialist solicitors who can advise you on the best way to proceed. The small claims limit is currently £10,000 which means that if your claim against a supplier is for less than this amount you are unlikely to be able to recover legal fees from the other party. Most people therefore decide to take a case to the small claims court themselves.

At Lawson-West, what we can do for the cost of just a few hours’ advice is enable you to make a successful claim yourself – but without incurring the higher fees associated with appointing a solicitor to act for you in Court. We will equip you with all the information you need to successfully represent yourself in court – and therefore get the outcome you desire.

For more information please contact Richard Tomlinson, Jasdeep Rai or Sarah Hickey at Lawson-West on 0116 212 1000.