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Arguments over joint boundaries are a common form of dispute between neighbours. However, any dispute with a neighbour can devalue your property and make it harder to sell, so it’s therefore a good idea to avoid them if at all possible. However, if you fail to negotiate a settlement with your neighbour, despite your best efforts, Lawson-West can help.

If you have strong supporting evidence of your legal rights Lawson-West will bring in a trusted specialist contractor who will go out when your neighbours are away and exercise those rights for you. This could involve laying paving slabs, putting up a fence or removing the offending fence/wall/hedge etc. However, in these situations you must be absolutely certain that you are in the right. If there is any risk of violence or public disorder then we would notify the police before taking any action.

If you prefer not to take such direct action, we could write one or two letters to your neighbour.  It is important to set time limits and stick to them in such cases. If our letters do not bring about an agreement on how to resolve the matter then we would recommend immediately issuing Part 8 Proceedings in the County Court, so a District Judge can make a determination about the position of the boundary.

If the matter becomes more complicated then it may need to be dealt with according to Part 7 but this will take longer and cost more. The key is to get a swift resolution without incurring unnecessary costs.
If you’d like more information on how Lawson-West could help you then please contact Richard Tomlinson, Jasdeep Rai or Sarah Hickey on 0116 212 1000.