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How Much Does a Divorce Cost?
The divorce process itself carries two areas of expense; the court fees and your solicitor's bill.
In a straightforward divorce the court fees total £550. Your own solicitor's bill will be calculated on how much time he or she spends on your case.If the matter is simple, and just goes through its stages without unexpected problems arising, it generally takes about 3 hours of your solicitor's time altogether.

There is a basic truth you must always bear in mind - arguing costs money. If you are completely unable to discuss details with your wife or husband, it will cost you money to argue about these things through your solicitor.

The costs in related matters to do with the children, or your financial circumstances are extremely difficult to predict. It depends on how complicated things are, and how much the two of you argue about things. Again, this is a basic truth you cannot afford to ignore.

As matters progress, and it becomes clearer how complicated or contentious the matter is, it will become easier to give you a more accurate estimate of the likely costs. Costs will be calculated on how much time is spent on the matter, whether that is:

  • meeting with you
  • considering information & options
  • preparing documents
  • writing letters
  • telephoning or receiving calls
  • appearing for you in court
  • meeting witnesses to take statements.

We will send you an interim bill every month, so that you will know as the matter goes on how much it is costing, and you will be better able to budget your own finances to pay the interim bills as they come up. If the price we have estimated is likely to increase for a valid reason we will make sure you understand why and agree to us continuing proceedings.

Remember that your legal costs are legitimate expenses, and you are perfectly entitled to include them in your list of outgoings when we deal with financial matters.

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We are always willing to discuss each individual situation. Please phone Alistair Dobson on 01858 445480, James Haworthon 0116 212 1000 or Sarah Townsend on 0116 212 1080 to arrange a free initial appointment, or visit one of our free walk-in clinics.

Please note this will be kept in strictest confidence and is required solely to ensure we do not have a conflict of interest according to SRA regulations. The party WILL NOT be contacted by Lawson-West.