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For £350 +VAT we will draft statements of employment terms for up to four of your employees.  These will:
  • Protect you against claims that you do not have written employment contracts in place; and so avoid the 2 to 4 weeks' pay awards which might otherwise be made against you for each employee.
  • Allow you to say for certain what arrangements you have with your employees – otherwise it comes down to you word against theirs.
  • Allow you to write clauses drafted in your favour and so save money in the long run, such as giving the minimum notice pay you can if you need to let any employees go, setting the proper holiday entitlement and sickness pay for your business, opting out of the 48 hour week and introducing restrictive covenants in case employees leave and try to compete with you or lure away your customers or staff.

Restrictive covenants:

Where the exit of particular employees from the business could result in their competing with your business or seeking to recruit your employees, as a separate service to the fixed price service, we will be pleased to draft restrictive covenants for you that are as binding and comprehensive as legally possible.

For an extra £150 + VAT we will also produce disciplinary, dismissal and grievance procedures for you.  The main features will be:
  • A three step process that must be followed in most cases;
  • If an unfair dismissal claim is made at an Employment Tribunal, an extra 10 - 50% in compensation may be awarded against you if statutory procedures have not been followed;
  • Our procedures will ensure that employees also must also follow them otherwise they may not be able to subsequently bring a claim to Employment Tribunal.

For an extra £350 +VAT we will produce an Equal Opportunities policy for you to help protect you against discrimination claims.

Other options:

We offer services tailored to your circumstances and needs, please phone Ashley Hunt or Vaishali Thakerar on 0116 212 1000 to discuss your requirements and how we can help you.