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What should you do if you fear you might lose contact with your Grandchildren? Initially approach your grandchildren's parents and explain that you wish to maintain contact with your grandchildren, focusing on the advantages of contact. Consider visiting when your grandchildren have contact time with their parent so the grandchildren see the whole family. This is a good way to re-establish a relationship if visits and/or contact has been stopped temporarily.If this is unsuccessful, you can try mediation. However, for this to take place, both sides have to agree to mediate.

A last resort is an application to the Court. However, there is no presumption of contact with grandparents (as there is with parents) and grandparents have to apply for leave to make an application. A Court will not wish to interfere with an absent parent's contact. Your grandchildren's parent may object. If so, you will have to persuade the Court that you had a meaningful and ongoing relationship with your grandchildren and it is in your grandchildren's best interests for this to continue. If this is agreed then your application for contact with your grandchildren will be considered.