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Carrie-Ann Randall

Employment and HR Services

Joined Lawson West: 2008.

Carrie-Ann is an experienced employment lawyer who has been practicing employment law for over 12 years, bringing a wealth of employment knowledge and experience to the team.

Carrie-Ann’s extensive knowledge and enthusiastic approach whilst always remaining ‘straight talking’ has proved successful when advising corporate clients and individuals on contentious and non contentious employment matters.

During her career Carrie-Ann has been involved in numerous Employment cases for people at work, ranging from early conciliation and mediation to more complex claims of discrimination and whistleblowing.  Carrie-Ann has particular interest and expertise in matters relating to disability discrimination, victimisation, harassment and whistleblowing. Her specialist knowledge and experience in specific mental and physical disability cases enables her to understand more fully the effect and implications of disability issues in the workplace.

1. Endometriosis

Carrie-Ann is an empoyment specialist and fellow sufferer of Endometriosis, she sees the daily impact for so many of her female clients who need support for their condition following poor treatment and understanding in the workplace. Endometriosis is one of a number of health conditions that Carrie-Ann understands that can lead to workplace discrimination or poor practice.

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2.  Women's Health

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100 Years of Women in Law

Over the last 100 years, there has been seismic change towards the acceptance and equality of women in the work place. Significant dates, starting with the introduction of the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act in 1919 (“the Act 1919”), led the way for later transformational legislation that has changed the lives of women in the UK to the level of equality now Carrie's article published in the Law Society Gazette here and on our website here.

Carrie's Client Approach

Carrie-Ann’s refreshing approach to resolution underpinning litigation has resulted in many of her clients reaching an amicable solution more swiftly whist ensuring their needs are met.  Carrie-Ann’s approach has resulted in significant positive results for her clients and she has numerous testimonials to evidence her commitment to her clients.

Carrie-Ann also takes an active role in the department's training programme looking to ensure that the team are sufficiently abreast with all of the latest employment law changes, together with presenting seminars and workshops externally to both corporate and individual clients on a number of topics, such as developments in employment law, recent precedent case law, reasonable adjustments in relation to disability and whistleblowing.

Carrie-Ann comments:

“I believe in establishing the real issues at the heart of the dispute, then taking a pragmatic approach to find solutions. Getting the best outcome for my clients is what drives me. I pride myself on ensuring that each case is dealt with in a professional manner from start to finish as if they were my only client.”


Client testimonials:

“Having known Carrie-Ann for 2 years, nothing is too much trouble for her, she can always be relied upon to go the extra mile whether it is for a client, the firm or the wider community. You will always find Carrie-Ann wearing a huge smile and championing a superb can-do attitude. Helping others is at the centre of everything she does. She is diligent, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable in her field of work and sets out to make a difference in everything she does. In recent months Carrie-Ann has turned her focus towards campaigning for Women’s Health, removing the stigmas attached to the issues and empowering individuals to speak out and gain the recognition they deserve. She openly talks about her personal experiences which, teamed with her legal expertise, gives her a huge amount of gravitas. Her attitude and approach to her work, her clients and fellow team members cannot be faulted. Carrie-Ann is an inspiration to those around her.”

"I have always found Carrie-Ann to be a very reliable and exemplary employment lawyer, tenacious for her clients, hardworking and striving to make a positive difference to those in her care. She demonstrates an air of positive confidence in all that she does and has a very easy working relationship style with our clients at See Her Thrive. The cases we have worked on together thus far are monumental in creating improved outcomes for women in the workplace. I would have no hesitation in recommending Carrie-Ann to any prospective client. She is an amazing employment lawyer, with a genuine caring attitude, compassion and integrity and commitment to do the best for her clients. Carrie-Ann is a very talented lawyer with a human touch that sets her apart."

“As a barrister I have had the benefit of working on cases with Carrie-Ann Randall for the past five years and I have always found her to be hard-working, reliable and ambitious on behalf of her clients.
I was very impressed by the resilience, and no-nonsense approach taken by Carrie, as well as her focus on achieving the best outcome for the client. Carrie and I have worked on some exceptionally challenging cases, and both the clients, and I, have been very fortunate to have her genuine, and patient support."

I’ve known Carrie-Ann Randall for around 5 years, and worked with her on cases across the breadth of employment law from unfair dismissal, discrimination to equal pay. She is a consummate professional, who combines excellent people skills with forensic legal analysisNo matter how complex the facts, Carrie-Ann will always have drilled down through all the details to find the heart of the case, identified the risks and particular concerns of the client, gathered the key evidence necessary for us to succeed, and will always review the case proactively as the case progresses to give the best possible information and support.  She is extremely good at building relationships of trust with her clients and I have always observed how relaxed and supported clients appear in her presence, even in the most stressful circumstances.​ So often cases at tribunal are won or lost before the first shot has been fired: with Carrie-Ann I always know that her thorough preparation, attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile will ensure her clients have the best prospects of settlement and success at tribunal from the moment she is instructed.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.”   

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