Endometriosis in the News: Carrie-Ann adds to MP Anna Turley's comments...

Endometriosis in the News:  Carrie-Ann adds to MP Anna Turley's comments...

The BBC announced today that MPs and the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Endometriosis (APPG) is to launch an inquiry into women's experiences of endometriosis following research.

Carrie-Ann Randall adds to the debate, saying that Anna Turley’s comments resonate hugely with her and will with her clients.

Carrie-Ann, an employment lawyer with Lawson-West and fellow sufferer of Endometriosis, sees the daily impact of the illness for so many of her female clients who need support for their condition following poor treatment at work.

Carrie-Ann comments:

“Anna Turley MP, a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Endometriosis said recently  "It wasn't until I was hospitalised and had the diagnosis that I realised how little attention endometriosis receives, how limited research funding is, and how many women are misdiagnosed."  This is the story of multiple women who visit me and who experience chronic pain in the workplace.

I suffered with Endometriosis for over fifteen many years where I had no idea what was wrong with me and why I was in so much pain.  As the condition is not one which is visible and the fact that I started suffering at a time that my reproductive system started becoming active, so many medical professionals were unable to help provide a diagnosis or sensible reason for the symptoms – often suggesting that it was just ‘how life was at that age’ or that it was ‘a normal part of menstruation’. Of course it wasn’t.  I looked to research what and why I was experiencing so much pain, but there is very little help or guidance. 

Finally after 15 years, I was diagnosed, however the journey to the diagnosis was one that brought about its own difficulties such a depression, anxiety, confidence issues all outside of the physical affects. 

When I later became an Employment Lawyer I was certain that I would do my best to draw attention to this terrible condition and offer help and support and to provide more awareness of it. It’s important that women do not feel alone, like I did. There are so many women out there who are sufferers, no one need feel alone. Endometriosis is far more common than you think”.

Anna said the data gave "millions of affected women a voice" and the APPG would be calling on the government to act.

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