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Marriage and divorce invalidate any existing Wills so if you are getting married or going through a divorce, it is worth changing an existing Will or making a new Will to reflect your new circumstances.
If you begin to live with a new partner, but do not marry or enter a civil partnership, you need to consider making a Will as intestacy laws may not recognise your new partner and your estate will go to your next of kin.  This particularly important if children are involved as it may create the situation where your own children inherit but children from your partner's previous relationship do not inherit even through the children grew up as siblings and were treated the same.
If you are divorced and your surviving spouse decides to re-marry in the future, you can protect the interests of your children to ensure that they still receive a share of your property by way of a Life Interest Trust.
If you leave no Will or an invalid Will, your assets will be divided according to the Intestacy Laws.  This may mean that the partner you are separated from may inherit assets you would prefer to go to your current partner.  Intestacy Laws make no allowance for step-children.
If you leave a valid Will which does not reflect your current circumstances, loved ones may challenge your Will in Court or dependant children who have not been provided for may make a claim under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975.  All this will cause unnecessary extra stress at a difficult time.
If you would like to make a Will, please call 01858 445480 now or complete one of the on-line forms. You can make an appointment at any of our branches in Market Harborough, Wigston or on the Meridian Business Park.  We can also arrange a home or hospital visit if you are unable to attend any of our offices due to your ill health, for a small additional fee.