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Rehabilitation following Accident Injuries

Picture the scene. You have been involved in an accident. You have injured your back, not seriously, but quite badly. Badly enough to mean that you are unable to work, resulting in significant financial hardship. Your doctor says you need physiotherapy, but the waiting list on the NHS is 12 weeks. What do you do? Do you return to work and suffer? Do you wait until your physiotherapy has started to take effect and then return to work?

At times like this, you don't need the stress of worrying about when you will be able to return to work. So don't stress. We can help.

We have established working relationships with local physiotherapists who are able to offer quick appointments to assess your injuries and provide regular physiotherapy treatment as necessary. What's more, they will defer payment of their fees until the end of your case and if your claim is successful, then your opponent's insurers will pay for the treatment.

What happens when you have sustained such serious injuries that you are unable to continue to work in your pre-accident occupation? What if you need various equipment or adaptations to your home to ensure that you are able to live independently? This equipment could include mobility aids, hoists, stair lifts, special back rests and supports, adaptations to the house to accommodate a wheelchair, installing a bath seat or accessible shower unit or adaptations to a home-based office so you can return to work. We can help. We can arrange for an initial needs assessment to take place with qualified experts who will assess your current and future needs after your accident. We will discuss those needs with your opponent's insurers with a view to obtaining payment, to ensure your life is not disrupted unnecessarily.

We can arrange for a specialist to assess your working capabilities. They can assess whether you are able to return to work and, if so, in what capacity. Will you require training? What special equipment will you need to be able to continue to work? If you can't go back to your previous job, perhaps because of your injuries you can no longer do manual lifting or you can no longer do specialised craft work because of an eye injury, can you be re-trained and re-employed in a different job? We will help. The level of help we can offer will depend on the severity of your injuries and expert guidance.

All these issues and many more can be addressed by our team of specialist lawyers. Phone Vickki Ridgway direct dial on 0116 212 1055, or use the form on the right to contact us.  Lawson-West solicitors make accident claims on a No Win No Fee basis which means Lawson-West have a vested interest in ensuring your accident claim is successful.