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Rear end shunts, where one vehicle drives into the back of another, are the most common type of car accident.  Rear end shunts are usually caused by driver inattention where the driver did not notice the car in front of them had slowed down or stopped so crashes into the back of the car in front, or the driver was driving too fast and failed to stop in time so collided with the car in front.
Rear end shunts can cause injury, depending on the speed at which the accident happened.  Most common injuries are whiplash, back pain and facial injuries.  If the accident happened at speed, the injuries will be more serious.
If you have been rear end shunted:-
•         Always get the other driver’s car registration number and, if possible, name, address and insurance details.
•         Never admit liability, always speak to us first. 
•         Take photos of the damaged cars – camera phone shots are fine.
•         Make a sketch of the road layout and position of the cars before and after the accident.
•         Seek medical help.  Whiplash injuries aren’t always apparent at first and you may not feel any pain initially or initial pain may get worse later.  Having your injuries recorded will assist with any accident compensation claim.
•         Keep receipts of any expenses, such as painkillers.
•         Contact us by completing the on-line form, phoning Mikhaila Grant on 0116 212 1143 now or texting accident to 07968 88 88 57 and we will call you back. We successfully manage cases for people from across the UK: you don't need to be based in Leicestershire.
Lawson-West make rear end shunt accident claims on a No Win No Fee basis which means Lawson-West have a vested interest in ensuring your rear end shunt accident claim is successful.
Generally a rear end shunt will be the fault of the driver who drove into the back of the car in front.  However, the Insurance Fraud Bureau have been investigating cases where fraudsters have forced drivers to rear end shut the fraudsters car, either because the fraudster has swerved in front of a car or braked suddenly – in some case having removed the brake lights first so the driver behind had no warning – causing a rear end shut.  The fraudsters have then claimed compensation for damage to their vehicles and accident compensation for whiplash injuries.  Lawson-West solicitors would urge drivers to be careful, keep a safe braking distance from the vehicle in front and if you are involved in any accident, take photos and if possible take names and phone numbers of witnesses and contact us.