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Cyclists, both motorcyclists and bicyclists, are more vulnerable to injuries caused by accidents than other road users so need specialist help after an accident.  Accidents are generally caused by a cyclist being hit by another vehicle, falls whilst trying to avoid a collision with a vehicle being driven by someone who has failed to see or give enough room for the cyclist, or falls after riding into a road defect such as a pothole.

If you are a motorcyclist or bicyclist and involved in a road accident that wasn’t your fault:-

•         Check to see if you are at risk from further injury from other vehicles, motorcyclists and bicyclists are particularly vulnerable, and, if other road users have not stopped or are unaware, try to move to safety.
•         Don’t admit liability – speak to one of our expert solicitors first.
•         Note the other driver’s registration and insurance details – if the driver refuses to give details, still note the registration number.
•         If there are witnesses to your accident and you can do so, ask for their contact details.
•         Sketch the road layout and show where your bike and the other vehicles involved were before and after the collision.
•         If you can, take photos – a camera phone is fine.
•         Make sure you see a doctor after the accident even if you feel you have only sustained minor injuries such as bruising or grazes.  Some injuries, such as concussion or whiplash, may not appear until later.
•         Keep receipts for expenses, such as painkillers, incurred as a result of your accident.
Accidents can also happen due to hitting a defect in the road.  If a motorcyclist or bicyclist has fallen off their bike after hitting a pothole or similar defect, it may be possible to make a claim for any injuries resulting from the accident against the local authority.  The local authority is responsible for maintaining and repairing roads and should have a programme of inspection and repair of roads in place.
Lawson-West can arrange for rehabilitation such as physiotherapy after an accident to help your recovery as well as claiming compensation for your injuries.  Call Mikhaila Grant on 0116 212 1143 now, complete the on-line form or text ‘accident’ to 07968 88 88 57 and we’ll call you back.  Lawson-West make cyclist accident claims on a No Win No Fee basis which means Lawson-West have a vested interest in ensuring your cyclist accident claim is successful. We successfully manage cases for people from across the UK: you don't need to be based in Leicestershire.